Instructions for Implementing the Powerful Tools for Caregivers Evaluation

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Program evaluation for PTC is needed to document the program effectiveness and to assist in developing program improvement. The evaluation for PTC has been designed to be easy for class leaders to implement and for class participants to complete. The design of the evaluation is a post-thenpre form. This design is being used so that class leaders do not need to match pretests (given at the beginning of a program) with posttests (given at the end of a program). Additionally, this design gives a better assessment of the true gains participants make on sensitive topics.

Allow 15 minutes at the end of your last Powerful Tools class to complete this evaluation form. If you also want to collect information about your class leaders’ teaching style on a separate form, you will need to allow additional time for that.

Print off copies of the evaluation form. Be sure to have pencils for each participant. Let the participants know that this evaluation is anonymous and no one will know who made specific comments. Encourage them to be frank.

Read aloud the statement at the top of the evaluation form to let them know that this evaluation is voluntary and that they are not required to complete it. (You should ask the Extension Specialist in your state if the evaluation has been sent through your university’s Human Subjects’ Committee.)

Next, explain that there are statements in the middle column of the form. The left-hand column asks the participants to rate how they feel now that they have attended the class. The right-hand column asks the participants to rate how they felt before attending the class. You may want to read the statements to the participants and have them answer as you read the statement, or use one as an example to ensure that they all understand the format.

Next, ask them to complete the demographic questions and the open-ended questions on the second page.

Collect the completed evaluations. Wait until all participants are gone before reading the comments.

To score the first section of the form (numbers 1-12), simply add up the numbers for the pretest. Then add up the numbers from the posttest. If the posttest total is greater than the pretest total, the participants made gains by being in the program.

You can also look at individual items to see where participants made gains. This may be more useful for you.

You may want to summarize the demographic information for your records.

Summarize the open-ended questions to help you in planning for future classes.


Send the individual evaluation forms to MSU Bozeman so that a state summary can be made.

If you have questions on the evaluation contact Lori Mayr