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Webinars 2020-2022

  • MontGuide Mondays-6 webinars and 260 particpants total
  • Tuesday Tips-18 webinars and 667 participants total
  • Wisdom Wednesdays-7 webinars and 1,228 participants total
  • Thoughtful Thursdays-6 webinars and 153 participants total
  • Fabulous Fridays-16 webinars and 800 participants total
  • Other webinars to a variety of organizations-38 and 1,063 participants total

Participant comments:

“I am so happy I registered for the webinar series; it’s been wonderful and very timely as I just helped my 90-year-old father re-do all his
estate planning in Montana (which had last been done in Michigan quite a number of years ago) and my husband and I are in process of
updating our own estate planning.“

“I had questions about going through probate for my parents estate. Although I was living in Las Vegas at the time, I could not have been
more impressed with the help I received."

“Thank you for giving us all the information. It was so helpful. It was good to learn all Montana's requirements and laws.”

"This was very informative. You presented a boring topic in a fun way. Lots of good examples."

ESTATE PLANNING by the Numbers

3,274 attendees at Estate Planning Tele-Town Halls, the 4-part monthly series with Dr. Marsha Goetting

189 participants in the learn at home program: E$tate and Legacy Planning for Every Montanan

50 Estate Planning MSU Extension MontGuides/ Fact Sheets developed

2,225 hits on the Estate Planning Website

What did participants Do?

As a result of attending MSU Extension Estate Planning Programs participants reported the following:

  • 38% Made an appointment with an attorney to have a will written or revised.
  • 46% Reviewed beneficiary designations on life insurance policies.
  • 50% Discussed estate planning with adult children.
  • 49% Reviewed beneficiary designations on securities.
  • 59% Discussed estate planning with a spouse.
  • 62% Reviewed an existing will.
  • 65% Reviewed ownership titles on financial accounts.
  • 69% Added payable on death designation and transfer on death registration to financial accounts. 


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