Please enjoy the following PowerPoint presentation narrated by Program Manager Jennifer Munter. If you would like to print out a participant copy of the PowerPoint  and take notes as you listen, please follow this link:

Module 4 Particpant copy of PowePoint Presentation

Upon completion of this module, please take a few minutes and fill out a nine question survey.  No identifiable questions are asked.   Answers will be utilized to evaluate the toolkit and inform future projects.  To access the survey please follow this link: 

Module 4 participant survey

Please enjoy module four:


Additional Resources

Below are resources available through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services Addictive and Mental Disorders Division website.  All resources can be used to supplement the PowerPoint presentation and pdf. materials made available may be used as handouts when presenting Module 4 to in-person audiences or at community events. 

  • Services available when accessing the website at  include:
    • Adult Mental Health Services
    • Children Mental Health Services
    • Substance Use Disorder Services
    • Mental Health Services Bureau Programs and contents 
  • Treatment options when accessing the website at include:
    • Treatment Services Locator
    • Map of Montana Substance Use Disorder Porviders
    • Montana Mental Health Centers
    • State Approved Substance Abuse Treatment Providers
    • NAMI-MT County Resource Guide
    • SAMHSA's National Helpline