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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Teaching people to identify and respond to signs of mental illness or substance use disorders.

SUPPORT - SUGGEST - CONNECT those in need to the resources to help.

163,000 Montanans ages 18 and over had a DIAGNOSABLE MENTAL ILLNESS*

80,000 Montanans ages 12 and over had a SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER*

We all know someone—a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor—who has experienced mental illness. Mental Health First Aiders provide informed and compassionate support to promote better health outcomes for people experiencing problems.

MHFA is designed to increase knowledge and build skills to help someone who is experiencing mental health problems.

The training includes information about signs and symptoms of mental health problems and provides opportunities to practice response skills for specific types of problems.

Mental Health First Aiders are trained to respond in supportive ways to someone experiencing a mental health problem, as well as suggest and connect people to community resources, especially professional help.

301 Montanans were trained in 2019

115 in Youth MHFA

186 in Adult MHFA

In 2019, MHFA Courses were taught in 13 Counties and Reservations

Of Montana's High School Students**:

36.7% felt sad or hopeless

23.4% seriously considered suicide

10% had attempted suicide


Montana’s MHFA courses are available in traditional, blended, and virtual formats. Classes may be requested at


*Estimated by SAMHSA, 2019
** Montana Office of Public Instruction. (2019). 2019 Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey High School Results: Full Report.