Please enjoy the following PowerPoint presentation narrated by Principal Investigator Alison Brennan. If you would like to print out a participant copy of the PowerPoint  and take notes as you listen, please follow this link:

Module 3 Participant copy of PowerPoint Presentation

Upon completion of this module, please take a few minutes and fill out a nine question survey.  No identifiable questions are asked.   Answers will be utilized to evaluate the toolkit and inform future projects.  To access the survey please follow this link: 

Module 3 Participant Survey

Please enjoy module three:  


The Links to the videos below will provide you access to the Montana State University Extension YouTube channel.  Once there please subscribe watch, and share the video.

Module 3 PSA videos: 


Additional Resources:                                     

Below are resources available through Montana State University Extension Publications and grant funding.  Resources supplement the PowerPoint presentation and may be used as handouts when presenting Module 2 to in-person audiences or at community events.